Forms & Documents

For ease of use we have divided each section by department. All files are in PDF format and require the Free Acrobat Reader

   Employment Application download
   Fee Schedule download
   Moving Record download
   Right To Know Request Form download
   Palmer Police Department Feasibility Study download

Codes & Permits
   Accessory Structure / Use Zoning Details download
   Building Permit Application download
   Change of Use Form download
   Finished Basement Application Checklist download
   Finished Basement Detail download
   Commercial Building Procedures download
   Deck Application (Residential) download
   Deck Information (Typical Deck Details) download
   Fee Schedule download
   Residential Inspection Procedures download
   Swimming Pool and Spa Application Checklist download
   Swimming Pool and Fence Information download
   Residential Re-Roofing Application download
   Paper Street FAQ 2024 download
   Permit Application for Tree Removal download
   Yard Fence and Wall Information download

   Local Service Tax Refund Application download
   Business Privilege License Application - Palmer Businesses download
   Out of Town Business Privilege License Application download
   W-9 Form download
   Fee Schedule download
   Request for Sewer Certification and Final Bill download
   2024 Palmer Township Budget download
   2022 Palmer Township Financial Statement download

   Planning Meeting / Deadline Dates download
   Subdivision / Land Development Application download
   Subdivision / Land Development Waiver Application download
   Preliminary Plan Checklist download
   Final Plan Checklist download
   Minor Plan Checklist download
   Other Plan Checklist download
   Sketch Plan Checklist download
   Escrow Agreement download
   W-9 Form download
   Plan Recording Procedure download
   Conditional Use Application download
   Request For Zoning Amendment download
   Sewer Planning Module Review download
   Sewage Extension Agreement download
   Extension of Time Waiver for Plan Decision download
   Extension of Time Allowance for Plan Decision download

Public Works - Public Utilities
   Tapping Fee Application download
   Tapping Fee Resolution download

   Zoning Hearing Application download
   Zoning Hearing Entrance of Appearance Form download
   Zoning Hearing Deadline Dates download
   Zoning Map download
   Light Home Occupation Application download
   Adopted Zoning Ordinance - 12-27-23 download

   Floodplain FAQ download
   Elevation Certificate download
   No Rise Certificate download
   Non Residential Floodplain Certificate download

Enviornmental Steering Committee
   Energy Conservation Resources download
   Greenhouse Gas Inventory 2022 download

Shade Tree Commission
   How to Plant Tree Seedling download
   Tree Planting Information download
   Pennsylvania Tree Information download
   Good Landsaping Practices download
   Sidewalk Repair Recommendations download
   Approved Tree List download
   Permit Application for Tree Removal download
   Bamboo Disposal Guide download

Stormwater / Palmer Township Stormwater Authority (PTSA)
   Stormwater Management Program - Credit and Appeals Manual download
   Pre-Application Meeting Request download
   Stormwater Management Credit Application download
   Stormwater Appeal Form download
   Palmer Township Stormwater Authority FAQs download
   Understanding Your Stormwater Utility Fee download

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