Palmer's Waste and Recycling Program

Palmer Township Trash & Recycling Congratulations Palmer!

Your recycling efforts are paying off and Palmer is getting greener! Thanks to our most recent Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Act 101 grant program, Palmer will be soaring past the $3,814,737.50 mark in recycling grants! These grants fund public works equipment such as leaf vacuums, chippers, and other types of equipment so that we can efficiently manage our recyclables including our ever-growing amount of yard waste. These grants have also helped us keep the cost of residential waste and recycling services at the same level or below for 13 years! Recycling Is Working In Palmer!

Palmer Township and Waste Management provide weekly curbside trash and recycling collection, special curbside collections, and drop-off locations for recyclables and yard waste.

To view the 2023 Recycling Report please click on the following link. 2023 Recycling Program Update

Weekly Curbside Collection of Trash and Recyclables

Our fully-automated weekly curbside collection is done with 95-gallon waste and recycling carts that are provided by and owned by the Township. All materials must be inside the carts, with the lids closed. Our recycling is known as single-stream recycling, which in other areas of the country can be known as mixed recycling. All recyclables are collected curbside in your green cart with the yellow lid.

Special Curbside Collections

Throughout the year, additional curbside collections provide for the removal of bulk items, and others provide for the recycling of metals, appliances, leaves, yard waste and Christmas trees.

Single Hauler Trash and Recycling Services

Our program works to reduce the amount of waste going to our landfill and encourage clean, uncontaminated recyclables which helps to keep your service costs low. This single hauler program reduces truck traffic on our roads; is more equitable for our residents; reduces litter providing cleaner neighborhoods; is safer for our workers; increases our recycling tonnage which increases equipment and performance grants; and conserves our natural resources.

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