Swimming Pool Information

Swimming Pool Information When installing swimming pools there are specific procedures that are required for the safety of those using the pools and others. Also, the location of the pool on the property must meet specific setback requirement of the township's zoning codes. Below are the procedures and requirements.

A swimming pool requires a pool permit and an electrical permit. Please refer to the current Palmer Township fee schedule located on the menu to your left.

A swimming pool must be installed in compliance with the International Residential Code (contact the Building Department at the Municipal Building for specifics). The pool must be enclosed by an approved fence or have sides of 48" or more above the outside finished grade.

Installing a proper fence is important so be sure to view our Forms & Documents section. Any pool that has access directly from a building, deck or platform attached to a building must have audible alarms and safety locks installed on doors and/or gates.

The following are the zoning setback requirements for the pool:

  • All water bearing sides of pools must be a minimum of 10' from any side or rear property lines and 5' from any structure. No pool may be installed in a front yard.

  • Filtering systems must be installed at least 48" from water bearing sides of pools and 5' from any side or rear property line.

  • If a property is a corner or through property, front yard setbacks shall be provided abutting any street (contact the Zoning Officer for specifics).

All electrical installations shall be installed as per current National Electrical Code standards with ground-fault circuitry, and shall be inspected by an approved inspection agency listed on the back of the electrical permit. For information on filling the pool with water click here.

A plot plan must be submitted at the time of the permit application showing location of the pool on the property, distance from front, side and rear property lines. Also, if there is a deck attached to the pool it must be shown along with the distances from all property lines.

If there are any question, call the Codes and Zoning Department at (610) 253-7191.

When draining the pool, the chlorinated water may cause a polluted discharge to the township's stormwater system and eventual toxic to wildlife and fish.

Please read this important message on how to avoid this type of situation.

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