Swimming Pool Filling

Swimming Pool Filling There are three options for filling a swimming pool.

  • Install a diversion meter so that only the cost of water is being charged.

  • Fill the pool from the current water system without a diversion meter and pay for the cost of the water and the resultant sewer costs.

  • Pay to have the water hauled in by tanker truck.

Costs for filling a pool may include: fee for diversion meter, plumbing permit fee, certificate of occupancy fee and the Pennsylvania UCC surcharge. Please refer to the Township Fee Schedule on the left menu bar.

Filling with a Diversion Meter
  • The installation and maintenance of the meter shall be at the expense of the homeowner.
  • The meter shall be installed only downstream of the water authority required home meter.
  • The meter shall be a Rockwell water meter, 5/8" with a remote generator which shall be read in cubic feet and be located on the outside of the home.
  • Credit for water used will be given only during the quarter of consumption and a minimum of two units per quarter must be used before any credit is given, or 1500 gallons.
  • There shall be only one outside spigot connected to the diversion meter and there shall be no other connections.
  • The use of a diversion meter shall be required for any homeowner who has a swimming pool and wants credit towards their sewer bill for any water used in the pool.
  • An inspection will be conducted by an official of Palmer Township after installation of the water meter. The inspector will obtain a meter reading and seal the meter at that time.
  • Meter reading on the diversion meter shall be taken by an official of Palmer Township on a quarterly basis.
  • The diversion meter shall be tested by township personnel at least every five years.
  • In regard to all of the foregoing, the homeowner agrees to allow township personnel to enter their premises during reasonable hours for the purpose of conducting such inspections and meter readings.

Filling without Diversion Meter
If a diversion meter is not installed the water used to fill the pool would have the cost of the water plus the cost of the related sewer charge since the sewer charge is based on the water usage.

When draining the pool, the chlorinated water may cause a polluted discharge to the township's stormwater system and eventual toxic to wildlife and fish.

Please read this important message on how to avoid this type of situation.

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