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What Does it Mean for Your Business?

Every business is different but reducing waste is usually cost effective and may lower your waste removal costs. All businesses benefit from being a better environmental neighbor.

Recycling is Good Business and it's the Law! Recycling is required by both the State of Pennsylvania and Palmer Township. It saves natural resources, energy, and the environment and it contributes to Pennsylvania’s economy as well as brings thousands of dollars of grant funding into our community each year.

The Municipal Waste Planning, Recycling and Waste Reduction Act of 1988 (Act 101) requires commercial, institutional, and municipal establishments located in Pennsylvania’s mandated municipalities to recycle paper, cardboard, newsprint, plastics, steel, aluminum, and bimetallic cans, glass, and leaf waste.

Recycling Reporting and Documentation Must be Provided to Palmer Township Annually

The State requires all commercial, institutional and municipal entities to provide written documentation as to the type and weight of materials recycled annually. Reporting forms are mailed to businesses in December. Completed reports and supporting documentation are due to Palmer Township by January 30th every year.

Click here for the PA DEP reporting form.

Electronics Recycling
As of January 24, 2013, it became illegal for any individual to dispose of electronic waste in any other way except to recycle it. Under PA Act 108 of 2010, computers, laptops, peripherals, monitors, and televisions must be recycled. Haulers are no longer able to collect these items and risk considerable fines if they do.

For more information about how and where to recycling these items - click here

Cardboard Recycling
Commercial establishments generate a large portion of the estimated 24.1 million tons of corrugated cardboard discarded each year. The good news is 91 percent of those boxes were recycled in 2012 according to EPA facts and figures. Corrugated recycling systems are easy to establish because cardboard is easily identifiable, often generated in large quantities, and has a ready market. Reducing corrugated cardboard waste is often the first step a company takes to reduce its waste.

Helpful Hints for Cardboard Recycling

  • Have a system in place to collect cardboard before it becomes trash
  • Break boxes down flat to conserve space in recycling containers
  • Secure a clean, dry place to collect cardboard because wet cardboard can be rejected at a recycling facility
  • Be sure to remove all strapping, polystyrene, plastic, and other contaminants before recycling and if you generate large quantities consider baling your cardboard

Office Paper

The average office worker generates approximately 2 pounds of paper and paperboard products every day. From printer mistakes, bad photocopies, to old memos and reports, 90 percent of all office waste is paper. That much paper discarded on a consistent basis, makes office buildings ideal for recycling programs because large quantities of paper can be gathered efficiently. Eliminating office paper from your waste can reduce your waste bill by as much as 50%.

Helpful Hints for Office Paper Recycling

  • Collect recyclable paper before it becomes part of the trash.
  • Make it convenient. Consider providing employees with their own paper collection bin by their desks.
  • Educate and advertise
  • Clearly label the bins
  • Monitor the program
  • Some of the best places to put large collection bins are near copiers, mailrooms, and printers.
  • Clearly label all collection bins and include slotted lids to reduce contamination.
  • Separating or combining white and mixed paper: White or cream paper generally has the highest value if collected separately.
  • Office buildings and universities are most likely to generate enough white recyclable paper to warrant collecting it separately.
  • Mixed paper, which includes paper of all color and type, is generally of lower value.
  • The amount of paper generated and storage capacity will determine pickup schedule.

Palmer’s Recycling Center Makes it Easy for Businesses!
Located at 3600 Hartley Avenue, Palmer’s Recycling Center was created to provide a cost effective and easy way for our small businesses to comply with PA Act 101.

Drop off all your recyclables free of charge. Be sure to sign in your business with the attendant at the center and you won’t need to track your recycling weight for yearly reporting – we do it for you!

Hours of Operation
Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 12:00pm – 4:00pm
Saturday, 10:00am – 3:00pm
Sunday, 12:00pm – 4:00pm

Single Stream Recycling
(No need to separate these items) Plastics #1,2,3,4,5,6, and 7 (no Styrofoam); Glass bottles and jars; aluminum and tin cans; newspapers, office paper, magazines, junk mail, phone books; and smaller cardboard boxes such as cereal, cracker, or shoe boxes.

Corrugated cardboard, scrap metal, and small bundles of yard waste (maximum of 4 allowed per visit) are collected in separate containers at the site.

Contact Cindy Oatis, Palmer Township’s recycling coordinator at or 610-253-7191, Ext. 1160 to obtain more information, to assist in creating a new program, or to enhance an existing program.

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