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Palmer Township The primary purpose of this page is for those who may be looking for a community to settle in and are looking for information about our community. We feel that Palmer Township has a lot to offer its residents.

Palmer Township is a community of approximately 21,600 people located near Easton, on the eastern end of the greater Lehigh Valley. Palmer prides itself in being a planned community for the last 55 years, and as a result, we have a mixture of home types, industrial centers and shopping facilities that meet most of the needs of our residents.

Palmer Township is located on the eastern side of Pennsylvania near the Delaware River and close to New Jersey. We are approximately 60 miles from both New York City and Philadelphia. In fact, many of our residents work in eastern New Jersey and New York.

Palmer is one of the larger of the 34 municipalities in Northampton County. When measured on our citizen involvement in our youth sports programs and our various governmental boards, commissions and committees we stand well above the others. Through the years, Palmer has been built by governmental officials who had a vision of what our township should be. A strong and active governing body - our Board of Supervisors - our township employees and the many volunteers continue to use that vision to make Palmer what it is today and will be in the future.

Let's look at some of the important components and aspects of our township.

Palmer has a 38 member professional police department which is highly trained and properly equipped to carry out its duties of protecting and serving the residents of the township, and those who visit or pass through our community. There is a community policing program in place where the police and community work together to enhance the safety and the quality of life in our neighborhoods.

The Municipal Fire Department is a totally volunteer organization of 45 members. The department has two stations with all the necessary equipment to handle the emergency situations they encounter. The members are well trained with the majority of them holding state certification. Also, the equipment within the fire department is funded through the taxing power of the township and the Fireman's Relief Association. Therefore, department members can focus on prevention, training, and handling emergencies versus trying to raise money to support their operations.

Suburban Emergency Medical Services provides the emergency medical service and transportation within our township. This organization is staffed with full-time and volunteer professionals. Easton Hospital is within a five to ten minute drive from anywhere in the township. Also, there are several other hospitals located in Bethlehem and Allentown which are the other two cities in the Lehigh Valley and a new hospital has been built in Bethlehem Township just west of Palmer. We are fortunate to have high quality medical facilities and practitioners in our area.

Our recreation programs and facilities include our youth sports programs, thirteen parks, twelve miles of biking/walking paths and two community swimming pools (one private and one public) and the Charles Chrin Community Center of Palmer Township.

Palmer is blessed to be bordered on two sides by waterways. On the east side we are bordered by the Bushkill Creek, which is a cold water stream and a favorite fishing spot. The township has a walking/bike path along the creek so our residents can enjoy the quiet tranquility. On the south we are bordered by the Lehigh River which is also used for fishing and other recreation purposes.

Palmer is in the Easton Area School District. Within our township we have two elementary schools (Palmer School and Tracy School) along with the Easton Area High School.

Since Palmer is located in the greater Lehigh Valley there are a number of available services and attractions. Visit Lehigh Valley Economic Development for more information.

For information on the overall Lehigh Valley demographics and other planning information please visit Lehigh Valley Planning Commission.

Four times per year the Township publishes a newsletter. This newsletter has many interesting articles on the Township and the activities going on within it along with the many programs available at our community center.

As a township we are also very proud of our business organization. The Business, Industrial, and Professional Association of Palmer Township (BIP) is a unique business organization in that there is a very close working relationship between business and government in the township.

The BIP was established in 1976 when representatives of the business community and members of the Board of Supervisors worked together to form the organization. Since that time the BIP has grown considerably and through its members has been involved in a number of community projects.

The above, along with many other services and support functions, makes Palmer Township the place where people like to LIVE, WORK AND PLAY.

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