Snow Removal

Public Works Snow Related Policy
To serve the public better, the township has adopted the following policies related to damage caused by snow plowing and snow related issues.

Clearing snow away from hydrants
The Palmer Municipal Fire Department is asking all residents with a fire hydrant fronting, or on their property, to adopt the hydrant during the winter months. Please shovel any snow that may accumulate around the hydrant.

In addition, please do not allow children to climb on or bend the hydrant marker. This marker enables our firefighters to locate the hydrant easily should they need to respond to a fire in your neighborhood.

In a fire situation seconds count and if the firefighters cannot find the hydrant or have to dig it out the lost time could result in severe damage to your or your neighbors home.

Thank you for your help with this very important matter.

Snow Removal
During the winter season, it is the Public Works Department's policy to begin salting and cindering as soon as it is necessary. We will begin plowing the street, when needed, within two hours after the snow has stopped falling. The snow removal policy dictates that the first priority is emergency and school routes and all major arteries. Second priority is all alternate streets including cul-de-sacs and dead ends.

All residents and their guests should park their vehicles in their driveways whenever a snowstorm is expected. Vehicles parked along the roadway make it very difficult for the snowplow operators to properly clear streets on non snow emergency routes. If the vehicle is within the road right-away it will be plowed in. If the vehicle is not removed at the time of the final pass to widen the road the snow will remain in the road because the plow will not return once plowing is completed.

Please note - Vehicles parked along snow emergency routes which are not moved during a snowstorm are subject to towing and ticketing per the township ordinance if a snow emergency is declared.

After the initial pass, the plow will return to widen the path. It is impossible for the equipment operators to avoid pushing some snow into cleared driveways, aprons and sidewalks. If you must clear your driveway prior to the completion of snow plowing, please keep in mind that the snow that is in front of the plow, will unload wherever there is a cleared area. This is why snow is left in a cleared driveway as the street is plowed. Clearing an area on the side of the driveway from which the plow approaches will provide an area for the snow to unload before it reaches your driveway. This area needs to be at least five feet long and two to three feet wide.


Where streets do not have curbs please remember to mark the edge of your property with reflective markers to avoid any yard damage by township snowplows. These reflectors will enable the drivers to see where your property starts.

Shoveling Sidewalks
Palmer Township code 160-20 states that sidewalks need to be cleared of snow and ice 12 hours after the precipitation has stopped falling. The township enforces the 12 hour rule loosely, but we expect to see people out within 24 hours making sidewalks passable. Snow and ice that is compacted needs to have cinders, sand, or salt put on the area to facilitate safe passage.

Please remove snow from all storm drains. This will allow for any additional precipitation or thawing snow to drain properly.

Mailbox Replacement When Damaged by Snow Plowing

Broken Mailbox Post
Palmer Township will first attempt to repair broken mailbox posts. If the post is broken beyond repair, it will be replaced with a pressure treated 4" x 4" mailbox post kit. A cedar 4" x 4" mailbox post is available for the replacement of a cedar, metal, plastic, or other material post which is more expensive than a pressure treated post. If a resident is not satisfied with what the township provides, he/she may purchase his/her own post kit and submit the paid receipt to the township. The township will then reimburse the resident an amount equal to the cost of our standard replacement post kit once the township installed post is returned.

Broken Mailbox
Palmer Township will first attempt to repair the broken mailbox. If the mailbox is damaged beyond repair, the township will replace it with a standard plastic or metal mailbox. If a resident is not satisfied with the replacement the township provides, he/she may purchase his/her own mailbox and submit the paid receipt to the township. The township will then reimburse the resident an amount equal to the cost of our standard replacement mailbox once the township installed mailbox is returned.

If it is determined that the original placement of the mailbox post possibly led to it being damaged, such as the mailbox itself protruding into the cart-way, township crews will adjust the placement of the new post or existing post to help prevent future damage.

Yard Damaged by Snow Plows
Property owners who identify the edge of the roadway with vertical marking devices. (Example: metal posts with reflectors on the top, wooden stakes, fiberglass rod, or other device with reflective type placed at regular intervals along the edge of roadway that will be visible night and day to the snowplow operator. This device must be a minimum of 36" tall.) Within a reasonable amount of time following the end of a snow event, Palmer Township will pick-up any snowplow damaged yard material that remains. In the spring, Palmer Township will restore the area damaged by placing new topsoil and reseeding the affected area.

In cases where the property owner DID NOT identify the edge of the roadway with marked devices as indicated above, Palmer Township will not be responsible for any damage to these properties.

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