Emergency Services

Palmer Police Department Palmer Township Police Department
Palmer Police Department has a 38 member professional police department which is highly trained and properly equipped to carry out its duties of protecting and serving the residents of the township, and those who visit or pass through our community. There is a community policing program in place where the police and community work together to enhance the safety and the quality of life in our neighborhoods.
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Palmer Municipal Fire Department Palmer Municipal Fire Department
The Palmer Municipal Fire Department is a totally volunteer organization of 45 members. The department has two stations with all the necessary equipment to handle the emergency situations they encounter. The members are well trained with the majority of them holding state certification. Also, the equipment within the fire department is funded through the taxing power of the township and the Fireman's Relief Association. Therefore, department members can focus on prevention, training, and handling emergencies versus trying to raise money to support their operations.
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Suburban Emergency Medical Services Suburban Emergency Medical Services
Suburban Emergency Medical Services provides emergency medical service and transportation within our township. This organization is staffed with full-time and volunteer professionals. Easton Hospital is within a ten minute drive from anywhere in the township. Also, there are several other hospitals located in Bethlehem and Allentown which are the other two cities in the Lehigh Valley and a new hospital has been built in Bethlehem Township just west of Palmer. We are fortunate to have both high quality medical facilities and practitioners in our area.
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