Palmer TownshipSpecial Curbside Collection(Items should be placed  curbside on your regularly scheduled collection day.Special collection trucks will be disbursed to locations where items are located and may take an additional day or two to be picked up.)


Yard Waste Collection:     Weeks of June 3 and November 4


Unlimited amounts of yard waste (leaves, branches, twigs, flowers, roots, bushes, garden clippings) will be collected curbside and will be composted instead of landfilled. The dates of these collections will be publicized on this website,  in our newsletters, and in the waste and recycling card that will be mailed to you each January. Please put this card on your refrigerator or bulletin board at home…it will provide you with important information and dates all year.


On these dates only, place your yard waste in any open top container (your old green, round recycling container or a clean trash container, NOT YOUR AUTOMATED TOTER), tie with cotton or hemp twine in bundles no larger than 3' x 3’ x 3’, and weighing no more than 40lbs, or place in compostable paper bags (NO PLASTIC BAGS, ROPE OR TWINE). These bags are available online or locally at grocery or hardware stores such as Home Depot, Lowes, Piscitello’s Home Center, or Sears Appliance & Hardware. The following are unacceptable materials that will not be collected: grass clippings, tree stumps, loose soils, sod, any wood or tree limbs over four (4) inches in diameter; human or animal excrement; noxious weeds or soil contaminated with hazardous substances.


Leaf Collection


The Township’s curbside collection of leaves will take place for eight (8) weeks during the fall. Residents must rake their leaves into the street close to the curb.


 Bulk Item Collection:   Weeks of March 4, May 13, September 16, and December 2


This curbside collection will take place quarterly. These dates will be publicized on this  website, in our newsletters, and on the waste and recycling card that will be mailed to you each January. Each residence is allowed to put out one (1) bulk item during each of these collection weeks, on their regularly scheduled collection day.


Bulk items are defined as items too large to fit into the waste cart; and the general rule of thumb is an item the approximate dimensions and weight of a standard size sofa that can be carried by two (2) men. Acceptable items include furniture, mattresses, grills, bicycles, lawnmowers, rolled up and tied rugs no larger than 3’ x 6’. Unacceptable materials that will not be collected include construction materials, hazardous waste, tires, yard waste, grass clippings, or additional household trash. Residents may contact Waste Management Customer Service at 1-800-621-2100 for a more specific list of acceptable and unacceptable items.


If you can’t wait for a bulk waste collection, you may request a special bulk item pickup by contacting Waste Management at 800-621-2100. Identify yourself as a resident of Palmer Township, PA to receive the Township’s $25 per item pickup price.


If your bulk items are in good condition, consider donating them to non-profits such as the, Salvation Army, American Family Services, ReStore, Habitat for Humanity, or church rummage sales at local churches.


Christmas Tree Collection:  First three (3) full weeks of January


Christmas trees will be collected the first full three (3) weeks of January each year. Please remove tinsel, ornaments, and tree stands. Trees in plastic bags will not be collected.


White Goods/Metal Collection:   Weeks of April 1 and September 30


White goods will be collected and recycled twice per year. This includes appliances such as refrigerators and freezers (remove doors), washers, dryers, hot water heaters, bicycles, and lawnmowers (oil and gas removed), BBQ grills (gas and/or charcoal removed), air conditioners and dehumidifiers (ALL FREON MUST BE REMOVED PROFESSIONALLY AND TAGGED PRIOR TO DISPOSAL), and various other household metal items. Place white goods out the night before your regularly scheduled trash/recycling collection day. The dates of these collections will be publicized on this website, in our newsletters, and on the waste and recycling card that will be mailed to you every January.


Special Volume Collection


This collection is available for large amounts of household trash only and must be bagged or in cans (not to exceed 32 gallon standard size and 40 lb. weight limit). Bulk items, as described above under Bulk Item Waste Collection, are specifically excluded from this collection. Residents must schedule and pay in advance by contacting Waste Management (800) 621-2100. Identify yourself as a resident of Palmer Township, PA in order to receive the price of $25 per collection.

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