Chlorinated Water From Swimming Pools

May be an Illicit Discharge to Stormwater Sewer per

the Environmental Protection Agency's MS4 Program


What is the MS4 storm water program?


Untreated or uncontrolled storm water runoff is the number one cause of impairment to our local waterways.


Pollute runoff is often transported through municipal storm water systems where it is eventually discharged into streams untreated. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has established a municipal storm water management program known as the MS4 Program that is intended to improve our Nations's waters by reducing the quantities of pollutants that storm water picks up and carries into the storm water systems during a storm event.


Check the EPA's website for further information on the MP4 Program.


So what does this mean to pool owners?


Chlorinate water discharges to surface waters has an adverse effect on local water quality. Swimming pools are a major source of chlorinated water discharged into sanitary and storm sewer systems. An average swimming pool holds 19,500 gallons of highly chlorinated water, which is toxic to wildlife and fish.


There are different options available to homeowners to prevent sending chlorinated pool water into storm drains. A few simple control measures that prove to be effective are as follows:

discharge the chlorinated water to land where it will not drain to local surface waters; or

dechlorinate the water before draining the pool; or

allow the water to discharge over a lawn surface at least 15 ft. before the street; or

allow water to remain in pool without chlorine for 5 days or until levels are below 0.1 mg/l.

Other activities that pollute our storm water are: residential car washing, pesticides, improper disposal of pet waste and garbage, improper disposal of cleaning agents, over applied lawn fertilizer. The storm water is left untreated and can cause harm to our waterways and will affect our water quality. Please take action now to limit the pollutants and improve our earth by better management and care!

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