Palmer Beautification Project

Planting Project

January 13, 2013. New Gardens in Palmer by the Post Office.


Another team effort by the workers in Palmer’s Public Works Department and the volunteers who are part of the Palmer Township Beautification Project have created another flower garden. On and off again flower gardens by the two chain link fences along Greenwood Avenue at the Palmer Post Office will now be permanent. Public Works employees dug out a significant amount of very poor soil and replaced it with leaf compost on Tuesday, January 8, 2013. Wednesday saw four Beautification Project members plant 100 pounds of spring flowering bulbs including narcissus, grape hyacinths, and double snowdrops. Normally the bulbs should be planted by October, which would result in the flowers blooming in April. With no root growth at planting time the bulbs will probably flower around June. In subsequent years the plants will flower at their normal time. The Netherlands Bulb Company for the second year in a row donated the bulbs. Last year they donated 320 pounds and this year they donated 380 pounds of bulbs. T he Netherlands Bulb Company has one of their U.S distributorship buildings located in the northern section of Palmer. The first 600 pounds of spring flowering bulbs are planted along the bike path at Fairview Park. With 2013 calendars now hung in many homes and in phones, now is an excellent time to schedule several walks or rides to view what should be a spectacular 250 yard long flower garden at Fairview Park. Community groups or individuals are encouraged to become part of the on going project for the beautification of Palmer Township. Contact the founder and chairperson Dave Carr 610.704.5868 (information provided by Dave Carr)


January 2013


July 2014

August 31, 2012


These elephant ears were added as a fun plant which has drawn a lot of attention of the folks that walk along the bike/walking path. This is an giant elephant ear that was planted this spring thanks to Dave Carr and his team.


May 5, 2012


The the maturing of the plants that have been planted in the past along with the new planting have created a very new view along the bike/walking path at Fairview Park thanks to the wonderful efforts of Dave Carr and his team of horticulturist.


Plant transportation.  This team has also become very creative in the transportation of the plants from their home gardens to this new area. Two canoe loads of plant was brought to the site on Thursday, May 3rd. The plants were donated by a Palmer family. They make the eleventh group to give plants fort the new garden along the bike path.


Behind the scenes a lot is also going on. Last fall seeds were harvested from a very special hosta plant and also various day lily plants.


These pictures show the hosta seeds sprouting in a tray between layers of wet newspapers and planted in what looks like shallow graves just a few days ago. These plants will be transplanted to the bike path garden in the next few years.


The next planting day will be Saturday, May 12. Summer plants will be moved from a project members basement and placed on the slope behind the New Creation UCC. The plants include elephant ears, cannas, and calla lilies.


The drought was a blessing. Right? Yes, few weeds grew. There are now a nice crop.


Volunteers who will help on May 12 at 10:00 A.M. should bring a shovel. Park in the back parking lot of the New Creation UCC.


Palmer Township Beautification Project members with the help of the Palmer Township Public Works Department placed approximately 400 gallons of water on the newly planted vegetation on March 28, 2012.


With the current drought conditions the water was necessary to keep the plants developing their roots.


In addition 150 gallons of water in 1 gallon jugs were brought to the plants over the last two weeks as each plant was planted.


Palmer Beautification  Project members finished planting 4300 spring bulbs on Thursday, December 22nd.


After seven hours seven members filled a 220 yard trench along the Fairview Park bike path.


The perennial bulbs were donated by the Netherlands Bulb Company which is located in the Palmer Industrial Park at the north end of Palmer.


The next chapter in the Fairview Park garden is the addition of leaf compost on the slope below the trench. The compost will be added in January if weather permits.



The spring bulbs planted today will flower in March and April 2012. During the spring time other plants will be added by members of the Palmer Beautification Project.


Many people from the Eastern Pennsylvania area enjoy the treasure that the multi-community bike path is.


With additional assistance over the next few years this new flower garden will be spectacular.


People who want to learn how to build a garden from scratch or want to volunteer to help in the building of the Fairview Park garden should contact Dave Carr 610.252.6832


 In January the Palmer Public Works Department began spreading leaf compost on the northern slope of the bike path near Fairview Park. They are expected to cover the whole 250 yards along the path which will then allow more plants to be planted in March and April of 2012.