Palmer Township Receives Accreditation


Over the past couple of years the Palmer Township Police Department has been enrolled in the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Accreditation program with a goal of achieving accredited status in 2014.  At the July 16, 2014 meeting of the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association Conference the PTPD was awarded it’s certificate of accreditation from the Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission, (PLEAC). PLEAC is a division of the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association.


An accredited police department must continually demonstrate that it adheres to standard guidelines adopted by state and national law enforcement professionals. The benefits of the accreditation include;


• Establishes a credible framework for evaluating departmental practices and procedures

• A continuous objective review of the departments practices and procedures

• Reduced department risk and exposure to civil litigation

• Potential reduction of liability insurance costs

• Improved community relations, increased employee confidence in the department

• Identifies the highlights, capabilities and competence of the department and furnishes a solid foundation for the     department to build toward future progress


A lot of work goes into preparing the department’s standard processes and procedures to meet the established standards.  Once completed the department is assessed by a team from the Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission.  If the PLEAC team finds all of the processes and procedures are in order they will recommend that the PLEAC approve the department for accreditation as the Palmer Police Department has received.

























Pictured from left to right: Lieutenant Thomas Trinchere, Township Manager Christopher Christman, Accreditation Sergeant Michael Vangelo, Chief Lawrence Palmer and Lieutenant Wayne Smith.

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